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  • Bracket set with hardware side view
  • Bracket set with hardware side view
  • Bracket set with hardware front view
  • Bracket set with hardware back view
  • Bracket set with hardware top view
  • Bracket set with hardware screws attached
  • 1987 to 1996 Ford tailgate panel with new brackets
  • Bracket mounted to panel close up
  • Trim panel mounted to tailgate using brackets
  • Install instructions
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Tailgate Trim Panel Bracket Set - 1987-1996 Ford F150 F250 F350

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  • Set of three brackets to attach one tailgate trim panel.
  • Fits aluminum trim panels typically found on Custom, XL, XLT, or XLT Lariat trim levels
  • Reproduction parts fit perfectly on stock strait tailgates.
  • The stock brackets have become brittle with age and break very easily. 
  • New design perfectly fits the contour of the tailgate and attaches securely to the trim panel
  • Testing shows the new brackets are up to 5x stronger than old stock brackets.
  • Modern polymers allow more flex before breaking providing a more durable part.
  • Stock brackets tend to break where the post meets the flat bracket.  There is very little plastic material in this area. Reproduction brackets are solid plastic where the posts mount and use metal screws to attach the posts to achieve superior strength. 
  • Modifiable for dented tailgates.  Even tailgates that appear to be in very good condition often have minor dents on the inside.  These deformations change the distance between the inside and outside sheet metal sections and prevent the mounting brackets from sitting flush on the outside.  Reproductions brackets can be modified to shorten the posts and allow a perfect fit.
  • Mounting hardware and instructions included. 
  • Stainless steel screws and EPDM rubber back washers.
  • Attaching screws have integrate rubber washer for easy install.
  • Panel and tailgate in pictures are for reference only and are not included. 
  • Color of parts may vary. 


Part fits these vehicles:

  • 1987- 1991 Ford F150
  • 1987- 1991 Ford F250
  • 1987- 1991 Ford F350
  • 1987- 1991 Ford Bronco
  • 1992- 1996 Ford F150
  • 1992- 1996 Ford F250
  • 1992 - 1997 Ford F350
  • 1992 - 1996 Ford Bronco